Local Chat 1.4 Released

By | August 3, 2019

This release adds scripting utilities to the lchat client. This includes sending messages to the local chat room and the creation of chat bots.

The message, -m, option
This allow scripts and programs to send messages to the local chat room. For example: lchat -m "That's it, I'm all done"
The chat bot, -b, option

The -b option expects a command which lchat will redirect the standard input and output for to the local chat room. A simple fortune bot, fortune-bot.sh, might look something like:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

function debug() {
    echo "$@" >&2

read -s LINE

while [ $RRES == 0 ]; do

    debug "Got line \"${LINE}\""

    case "${LINE}" inx
        *\:\ !fortune)
            debug "Sending fortune"
            fortune -s
        *\ has\ joined\ the\ chat.)
            WHO=$(echo "$LINE" | cut -f1 -d' ')
            echo "${WHO}: Type !fortune if you want hear a furtune"

    read -s LINE

lchat -b fortune-bot.sh

1 Other Fixes and Features

  • Further performance enhancements for the lchat client.
  • Better debugging messages to the console for the chat daemon.
  • SIGPIPE is now ignored by the chat daemon.
  • Version, -V, and help, -h -?, options added to the programs.

The home page for the project can be found here.