Quiet but Busy

By | August 17, 2020

It has been some time since I’ve posted anything to the site but I have been busy behind the scenes.

A new bug release, 1.5.2, for lchat is now available. This release is fairly significant in the terms of the project. First a couple small bugs turned out to be pretty substantial so a lot of code got re-iterated. Also make distcheck revealed plenty of Automake build problems which also illuminated some Debian package build problems as well. After 3 weeks of tackling all this in my spare time, we now have the new release.

After contributing a couple minor fixes to the metasploit project, it gave me some invaluable experience utilizing many of github’s tools. lchat, my simplest project, is pretty much all set up to make use of these tools. The other projects will follow as time permits.

Some time ago, a member of the LOSURS Linux Users Group asked if I was going to create an apt repository for the software I’ve been working on. When I initially looked into this, it all seemed incredibly involved and tedious and was more work than I was willing to put into it. I’m not sure what I had found that first time around but did revisit it and discovered the reprepro software. This has made the whole Debian repository creation pretty simple and that is what I have done.

The new apt repository is only for Debian buster at the moment but should be fine to use for derived systems like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

# Download and install the public key to verify deb packages.
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keys.openpgp.org --recv-keys 7B86848C194CE861

# As root add the repository to apt.
echo "deb https://apt.digitalcombine.ca/debian buster main" > \
chmod 0644 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/digitalcombine.list

# Update apt!
sudo apt update

The project pages should be updated in the near future to reflex all the changes made.