Local Chat 1.5 Released

By | April 18, 2020

This release is a more polished version of the software.

The lchat client has been given a new status bar. The auto scroll feature can be turned on and off with the CTRL-A key combination. Also the text input has been improved by implementing the delete key and the insert key now toggles the input between insert and overwrite modes.

The lchatd daemon no longer sends joined/left messages if a user already has a connection to the server. This cleans up server messages in the chat window when scripts post messages to the chat.

There also has been a major feature change with private messages. Normally this wouldn’t happen with a minor release, but the private messaging system was problematic and at this early stage of the software life it didn’t warrant a major version bump. Private messages are now sent with server side commands /msg, /priv or /query instead of with the user: message format.

Even the man pages have been updated and improved.

The home page for the project can be found here.